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a few words about us

Frank and Sandy Bandiera have been operating 'Absolutely Animals' successfully for a number of years..... It is a family run business which is Owner/Operated out of Georgina, Ontario! They take much pride in the 'services' that they offer! They will assist you in making your order a memorable one from start to finish… Sandy is happy to assist you through the order process as you make the choice from our extensive menu! She will then assist with your signage (standard or custom). Sandy & Franks lips are sealed – they keep your secret a secret- it is their specialty!

They often deliver in the wee hours and on occasion 'another' animal from 'another' family will make itself known - they will do their best to limit any disturbance as they place 'Absolutely Animals' characters for your special event! Occasionally during winter months 'mother nature' can throw Sandy & Frank curve balls and as much as their animal family want to be noticed on your lawn, weather just may not allow, so in those situations they will endeavor to make adjustments to your order where possible!

You will be happy to know that they take very good care of their Absolutely Animal family, they are fed and watered on a regular basis even when in rotation and out on the lawn! You really would not want Big George sitting on your lawn hungry now would you? They keep them warm in Winter and Cool in the Summer months when they are home and watch the weather closely as it can change so quickly - because of the amazing care the Absolutely Animal family receive, the animals are always happy to be set free and pose on your lawn even on a rainy or snowy day! On warm/sunny days they are so excited to get out, it makes them REALLY happy!

The 'Absolutely Animal' family love their picture taken, especially when they get 'shared' on FB or Instagram!

Frank and Sandy want you to know that they consider the fragile flamingo's who are extremely sensitive to cold and winter weather conditions, and as a result the flamingo group choose to be unavailable between Nov 01 – April 30 inclusive, as they fly south to warmer climates, and the other animals totally understand.

the heart of Absolutely Animals

Sandy and Frank Bandiera, Owners
Frank & Sandy


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