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Our Animal Family

We will carefully place your chosen fun characters before your unsuspecting recipient awakes -(displays are set up by 6am, and left up until early evening of the same day, but these hours can be flexible upon request)

a.k.a. Big George

This friendly fella stands 7ft tall and loves to change his outfits to fit any occasions. He would hate to think you thought he was full of hot air, because in fact he is solid muscle of fibre glass.


a.k.a. Flockingly Fun

Proud and Pink! We love to show off our feathers; we always travel as a group and are deliciously delicate.

Funny Farm

a.k.a. Barnyard Beauties

We are a varied group, Moo, Honk, Baaaa and quack, but have so much fun together – Cows, Pigs, Sheep & Ducks

Woodland Friends

a.k.a. The Devilish Crew

We are an interesting group, can be pleasantly pesky – Foxes, Squirrels, Racoons, Deers & Skunks

Domestic Diva’s

a.k.a. Our 'groomed' four-legged friends

A fitting title for this group! Dogs or Cats.

Perky Penguins

a.k.a. Smart and committed

We are a proud group and love to show off our Tuxedo look, we always turn heads!!


a.k.a. The Dinosaur

Dino is a tall wonder at 7ft and will travel alone or loves to be surrounded by his offspring.


a.k.a. Bobby

Now, Bulldog Bobby is a size to be seen at 7ft x 7ft (approx). He is so lovable and always welcomes a hug!


a.k.a. The Stork

Loves to be part of gender reveal, births celebrations/showers - pink or blue!

More about our family

  • All animals are 3 Dimensional
  • Sign displays are 2 Dimensional
  • Your standard order will include 20 animals (except flamingo's which would travel as a flock of 50).
  • Big George usually travels alone, but he's always happy when you add other animals to keep him company!
  • Extra animals are available on request with your order…at an additional fee!
  • You can also choose to create your own display – variety is the spice of life – pick 20 animals -standard sign (1) or custom created sign –($10 extra charge)
  • Big George excluded from create your own display!
  • Additional signs (more than 1) available on request!
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