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general questions

Yes, but thankfully this is not a major issue! We make every effort to bring our animal family back home before dark where possible, and this assists to eliminate disappearing members of our animal family. We ask that you make every effort while they are in your care to keep an eye on the display. It can be helpful if we can prioritize our pick-up times – so, if we are aware that the home is close to a high school or a pathway that leads to a park, then we will make pick up a priority.

That depends. Does Sue know about the party on Saturday? If she does, we could do the display on either day. If she doesn't know about the party, we don't want to "tip her off" to Saturday evening's surprise by having the display there early morning. Having it on the party night will be great for photos with her friends & family. Or, alternatively, you may prefer to have it set up on the actual day after the hectic weekend, which also extends the fun of the special day!

Big George Laaw Display

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